Winter Let, Longer rental - Usually more than four weeks

During the winter periods, November-March many establishments close down for the winter, We run all year round.

If you are looking for a temporary winter location away from your summer home you are encouraged to book this early as we often take bookings from holiday makers which break up this period and make it difficult to accommodate everyone.

So far every year we have been fortunate to be busy right through the winter which helps us keep our overall operating costs down as we don't need to make up our monies during the summer periods.

We treat the longer periods much the same as the shorter periods. You will get the same facilities at a reduced cost over the regular holiday rates. We do this by removing all the expensive advertising and housekeeping costs from the booking. Your fuel costs are also not inclusive.

GAS, Electricity & Water meters will be read and you will be invoiced separately at cost for what you have used, we aim to do this every two weeks but usually no longer than four weeks. You agree to settle by return for what you have used.

Because we are a holiday company, we are not allowed to hold a security deposit and therefore your booking payment will be at least one month in advance at all times.

We will continue to visit the property approximately every two weeks to ensure that it continues to meet the required holiday letting standards set down by those monitoring us.

Unless a separate arrangement is entered into, we do not clean the property so that saving is passed to you and therefore you agree to keep the property clean and tidy at all times so that it continues to meets those standards.

You will have received a discount on your stay on the understanding that you are keeping the property clean and tidy and if you fail to leave the property in a clean and tidy state then we will send you the bill for your cleaning.

At no point will we enter into a tenancy agreement, we cannot have any permanent residents.


The above is in addition to our normal Terms & Conditions.